Sunday, January 30, 2011

Packing and Goodbyes

This weekend was...awesome. Last night, I got to see all my friends for a last time and was pleasantly surprised by more than a few showing up after having driven from other cities to get here (2-3+ hrs away). It was really quite touching.  I think we had a great time, and the restaurant/lounge we gathered at was South American-themed.

Randomly, and I think in a moment of serendipity, the manager I was talking to is going to Santiago, Chile in March and was thinking of going to see U2 and Muse there. I've been looking for someone who wanted to go to the show with me, and lo and behold - I found someone! Very cool.

Packing for a six month trip is difficult, especially for a six month trip spanning from summer to winter. It's HARD. I tend to overpack. I mean, I MIGHT need 6 different pairs of jeans. Or 4 pairs of flip flops. In the words of my New Yawka mother: "Ya neva know". I've practiced some serious restraint, however, and have managed to shove everything into one big rolly bag and one backpacker's-type backpack. Oh, and a carry-on. And probably a regular-sized backpack. But that's it. *pats self on back*

However... a little advice from someone who's learned this lesson the hard way: Make sure that your carry-on has enough clothes in it so that, if the airline, say, loses your bag in Europe for two weeks and doesn't return it to you until after you return to Texas, all because of a bomb scare in Charles De Gaulle airport, then you are prepared.  I'm talking undies. I'm talking a pair of shoes (in this case, packed a pair of Havaianas, a pair of Toms, and a pair of black flats). Maybe wanna throw a bra or bathing suit in there. Unless you're a guy- then the bra part is kinda creepy. You can always buy your toiletries, and they're a pain in the a$$ to deal with in the airport security line, so just put those in your checked luggage unless you have contacts or something. *gives praise to the Lor' for 20/20 vision* . Put your medicine in your carry-on. Your keys. Your phone, jewelry, important makeup.  Just. Do.'ll thank me later.

T minus one full day and counting. AHHHH!


  1. u2 and muse in santiago?? that should be amazing!!

    I'm officially "following" your blog! we're all going to miss you! but at least this way we can keep up with all your adventures :) good luck homie!


  2. I'm very impressed with your packing. Maybe next time we'll get you down to one suitcase and a carry-on.


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