Wednesday, February 9, 2011

And then I was walking home from work...

... and I realize that around the corner from my apartment, the street is shut down, there are police cars everywhere, there's a crime scene investigation unit, people dusting for fingerprints, and all sorts of scary sh*t going on.

Keep in mind it's 6pm and light out, and I walk by this place every day on the way to work and back.

I went into the convenience store and asked the checkout guy what happened (he speaks English, I discovered that the other day). He said something in Spanish. I go "murder?" and he nodded.

Of course, I walked home as fast as possible, freaking out.

However, I look online, and find out that it's an armed robbery/shootout with police/wild police chase ensues:

Well, seems like we had a little miscommunication there.

Excitement abounds.

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