Monday, February 21, 2011

Weinert Bodega in Lujan (Mendoza)

This past weekend I paid a visit to the Weinert bodega (vineyard + premises) in Lujan, an area south of the center of the city.

The winery is family-owned, and we were treated to an amazing Brazilian meal consisting of feijoala (sp?) and bobó do pesce (another spellcheck, please) courtesy of our chef friends and son of the winery owner. This was in preparation for next week's Brazilian Carnival expat luncheon to be held on the premises on Saturday.

We drank the 2005 Malbec (one of my favorites so far of the Malbecs I've had), the Merlot (didn't catch the year), the Cabernet Sauvignon, and then came my unlikely favorite (with dessert in the form of traditional Brazilian 'brigaderos'):


The Cosecha de Otoño Sauvignon Blanc

Okay, this wine is fantastic. And no, I have nothing to gain financially from giving it a gold star. It's sweet, but not too sweet; it still tastes like wine. It's not overpowering, but it goes well with chocolate and cream. It's the kind of wine you wish you could finish your dinner with when you aren't in the mood for a super-sweet port, or a bitter digestif like Fernet.  Not syrupy at all, it has a light texture and is (maybe too) easy to drink.  It's just perfect. I want more!  It's slightly more expensive than other bottles Weinert produces given the fact that it's harvested so late, it's basically made from raisins. But it's worth the money. Trust me.

My new friend informed me that they sell in the US, and particularly in Texas, so keep an eye out.

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