Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What's wrong with my karma?!

Quick bitchfest, sorry folks.

Well, I guess the universe is getting back at me for being so exhasperated with the NY snow news. Why? Because it's snowing in Dallas.

My flight to Santiago connects at Dallas.

I am not going to Dallas today, says American Airlines.


So I'm in Austin for one more night, but the sweet silver lining is that I get one more day w/ my boy, a few more domestic meals, and time to chill.

Some advice for people getting stuck because of closed airports and blizzards, etc:
My own advice? Be nice to the ticket agents. The first time I went up to the counter, I had done my own print & bag drop thing, bypassing the line. But as fate would have it, flight was canceled the second I got up to drop my bags. I was sent to the back of the (growing) line next to the electronic kiosks: The line I was in, got out of, printed my stuff and tried to bypass. Except now I was 5 people behind where I was earlier. HOWEVER, I called the boy, bitched to him for a few minutes, and calmed down. When I got back to the (same) lady who told me to stand in the line and couldn't help me 30 minutes earlier, I was calm and friendly. Turns out, she was really nice and helped me out a lot, rebooking all my flights for tomorrow without a problem. It pays to be nice, even if you don't get something out of it.
I saw this pushy woman keep yelling at the ticket agents from the line, asking if she could be next, if someone was open, and what was going on. Don't be that woman. I'm kind of curious as to what happened with her flight arrangements...

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