Friday, February 18, 2011

Will you be my Valentine Asador?

Started this week off right with a Valentine's day asado after work. However, this was after my "novio"(BF) sent me a ton of pink lilies to my office. Turns out, he was able to order them online, without speaking Spanish, and have them delivered in Mendoza. I was über impressed. 

The funny part is one of our CEO's came in to tell me on Tuesday (the day after V-day, for those of you following) that my flowers had made me the subject of some hot gossip; How does the girl who's been in the country for a little over a week get flowers for Valentine's Day already? She must work fast!

I'm still impressed with my novio. Good boy.

The asado was fantastic, and I got to meet new people - a couple who were also expats. And it helps that the other guests at a party are chefs, because dang, the guy can make a MEAN steak.  We drank 5 bottles of wine between 3 people and it was an amazing night.

You may have noticed or became jealous of my usage and correct spelling of über earlier. I'm pretty impressed with myself that I've learned the international keyboard setting on my Mac actually has a function. Now I can write emails with to all the "Señors", asking for the "sustitución", and when they say "sí ", I can reply "Está bien". Or something. Very exciting.

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