Sunday, March 6, 2011

Argentine bachelorette parties & weddings

So, I was lucky enough to already be able to attend an Argentine wedding and bachelorette party (the bachelorette was last weekend and the wedding was last night) since I got here a month ago.  The bride is a coworker/new friend of mine from the States, and the groom is an Argentine.

The bachelorette was pretty much the same as an American one, minus all the penis paraphernalia, veils, sashes, etc. However, in our night out on Arístedes (the main street for restaurants and bars in Mendoza), we were treated to a spectacle that they don't have in the states: the humiliation of a bachelor at his bachelor party.

This is achieved by putting the lucky bachelor in the back of a pickup truck, stripping him down either naked or putting him in an equally offensive man-thong and driving him down the busiest street in Mendoza at night, honking the horn, playing music, and yelling. I've heard that sometimes they stick things in the guy's um... well... you know. Either way, it's simultaneously hilarious and appalling.

Weddings here are something else. There's 2 guestlists: one for the dinner and church and then one for the party, or "casimiento".  The party STARTS at 11:30pm and often goes till 8am the next day. Unfortunately, I'm lame and only lasted till a little after 3am, but it was fantastic.

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