Saturday, March 12, 2011

Restaurant review - Sushi Club

Ok so today, my roommates informed me of a lunch deal at the local sushi place. When I say local sushi place, I mean one of like 2 in all of Mendoza...just the closer one.

Turns out, pretty great deal. The sushi itself leaves a little something to be desired (not even being an Uchi snob here). The rice is sweet, or something, so that the whole roll tastes sweeter than it should. That being said, I could see that if you're craving, it'll definitely do the job.

Anyway, here's the deal. For 65 pesos, which is roughly $16.25 you get all of the following:

- an amuse bouche - in this case a ceviche on one of those fancy ceramic spoons
- 5 pork gyoza
- 12 pieces of sushi of your choice. I opted for the Buenos Aires roll and the Crazy roll (both have salmon, cream cheese, and vary from there)
- a glass of Mumm Brut champagne
- a bottle of agua con gas
- Coffee
- petit fours

It was great! Minus the Haitian waiter unabashedly hitting on me, and just trying harder when I told him I have a boyfriend in Spanish AND in French. Meh.

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