Friday, April 15, 2011

Asado with special guests.

So it's been a while since my last update.

I went to a family Sunday asado a few weekends ago (April 3 to be exact) near Rivadavia I think it was. Anyway, it was south somewhere, past Lujan on the way to Tunuyán. This random guy just opens his little farm to anyone who wants to barbecue there for the weekend and take their ATVs out for a spin on these crazy dirt hills next door (assuming it's on his property too).

We show up to the asado and my friend's dog is barking and going nuts. I think it's because of the other dogs around. Then... she goes "oh yeah he's going nuts because of the llama."

Excuse me?

That's right. The llama. There were 2 of them  - a white one and a black one. Just hanging out, roaming around the property. Hanging out in the lemon grove. Being llamas.

Also guests of our little asado were horses, roosters, hens, geese, ducks, pigs, cows (yeah I felt bad about that one), donkeys, mules, and goats... just hanging out, roaming around, crapping everywhere. Making me feel bad for eating their tasty friends.

It was a really fun day - didn't get to ride the ATVs although I was offered - it looked a little too hardcore for me. But the asado was great and I got to meet my friends' family, which is always a cool experience.

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