Friday, April 15, 2011

Mendoza Bus Tour

My friends and I took a bus tour last Saturday from in front of the Park Hyatt hotel that, unfortunately, only went through the park up to the top of this overlook where the Gloria statue is and came back down to the city.

It was a really good tour, however. My only complaint is that it was all in Spanish with no English option. I'm kinda glad I waited to go on it until after I've been here a while so that I actually understood what they were saying.

We spiced things up by bringing Fernet & Coke, champagne and beer on board with us in thermoses and our bags. While this was very enjoyable to us, we definitely got some dirty looks from this chick sitting across from me whose daughter insisted on standing up in EVERY PICTURE I TRIED TO TAKE FROM HER SIDE OF THE BUS.

I'm not bitter. Just saying.

Some people need to lighten up. We're all in our 20's and 30's and were having a very contained, non-disruptive time. Sorry for partying.

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