Saturday, June 4, 2011

Automatic Weightloss

I finally stepped on a scale the other day for the first time since I got to Mendoza.
I know I've lost weight because a) everyone's telling me I look like I have and b) my clothes are a little big.

So I went to one of the farmacias near my office and stepped on the embarrassingly-large scale outside that weighs you for free.

I've lost 20-23 pounds.

I'm not really on a diet. I eat what I want, when I want. But working so much and for such long hours, sometimes when I get home at night, I don't feel like eating dinner and I just go to sleep. Or I'll eat less because I'm in a rush. Or skip breakfast because I forget to eat. 

Not having a car here, you pretty much have to walk everywhere or take cabs.  I still haven't figured out the über complex bus system yet, so I stick to walking.

I haven't worked out in at least 2 and a half months. And voilá! Lost 20 pounds.

Pretty sweet.

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