Sunday, June 19, 2011

Being followed like thieves.

So, shopping in Mendoza is kind of like being a teenager in a record store again. The second you go in, the staff follows you around, making sure you're not going to steal something and run out of the store on a moment's notice. Because, goddammit, you need those fake snakeskin leggings, and you're not going to pay for them!

At first it's kind of funny or amusing. And then you realize that they really think you might steal something. I don't understand how this is the case when they hear me or my friends speaking English and see that our style isn't exactly like the 1990's floral prints are our "thing". Or that maybe we don't want a cropped t-shirt with a random chick printed on it.  Or pants that I couldn't even fit my arm into.

We're dressed nicely and are barely even touching the clothes as we browse the racks.  But somehow, we're there to steal. Either that, or we're there for them to stare at and give dirty looks to, because we're the only people in the store, and how dare we interrupt them from loafing around doing nothing and they MAY have to work?

Needless to say, on principle I refused to buy anything at any shop where I was treated this way. I'm not a criminal. I'm actually a lawyer in my late twenties with fashion sense (as in I know that the 90's belong in the 90's, not 2011) and no criminal history. I'm not a Mendocino teen with a mullet and a drug habit. So thanks, I'll go buy a studded pleather vest someplace else.

Jerks.  Ah, the perks of living someplace where petty crime is all the rage.

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