Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Buenos Aires: Wandering La Boca

Ok, I promised I'd write a little bit about my second trip to BA. Here it is. See? I deliver.

Part of why I was excited to go back to BA was that I never got to see the Boca stadium, or La Boca in general.
Boca Juniors play here. They took their colors from the Swedish Flag.

This time I took Kim's advice (who commented on a prior post) and checked out Caminito in La Boca. I have to say, it was a pretty cool place. And funny. And super obnoxious. Every two feet, someone would approach us and ask us to eat in their cafe, or go to their tango show, or buy something. It got old, real fast.
Ah, Caminito. And Havanna, which is basically the Starbucks of Argentina. And possibly as obnoxious.
However, the highlight was a 20-something dreadlocked rasta who came right up and said, "Hey guys, want to get really f*cking drunk in my awesome restaurant?"  I couldn't have asked it better myself.

We declined, however. We were on the search for some good knockoff Argentina jerseys and scarves. And trying to take photos of the streets, because, well, they are pretty amazing.
Creepy mannequins are watching you.

Other highlights were the fat Argentine man who takes photo ops as Maradona, the famous (?) Maradona graffiti, and the tango dancers in the streets. And the restaurant hustler who kept trying to guess where I was from. When I told him "Texas, USA", after he guessed Australia, Canada, Russia (?), and then things like Iowa (!) ...he replied, "But you are so white!"

Thanks, dude.

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