Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The gato outside my window.

My neighbor/friend and I want to murder this cat that hangs out between our apartments.
It's actually kind of cute. But its cuteness is far overshadowed by its amazing ability to make a noise that pisses me off to the core. It's almost a baby crying mixed with dying animals and a touch of Ke$ha.

Naturally, its favorite time to make such noise is on the weekend when I'm hungover in bed from a night out at Por Acá when I get home at 6:30am and want to sleep all day.
It also has a knack for hanging out directly outside my window and meowing/bitching right when I get home from work.

Did I mention that there's a very similar, equally-evil cat at work that does the same exact thing every day after 5pm?

Between the cat and the birds that have some sort of obnoxious song that's like a broken record player looping all day... I need a BB gun. Or perhaps something with a bit more firepower.

Those pesky acequias.

I believe I have blogged before about the water irrigation ditches found on the side of nearly every Mendocino street (other than Arístedes and Colón, I've noticed - but there are ton more, I'm sure.). They are about 3-4 feet deep , or so. They carry running water around the city to water the plants that they planted here way back when, because we're smack in the middle of a desert.

They built the acequias to injure people.

Not really. But, I know a lot of people who have fallen in one, drunk or sober. I'm now a lucky member of this not-so-exclusive club.

I don't know how it happened, but I ate sh*t yesterday on my way home from my massage. Maybe it was the fact that I was so relaxed after a stressful day. Maybe it was the spiderweb I was mesmerized by, so much so that I took an ill-placed step and ended up waist-deep in my concrete ditch. Luckily for me, there was no water in this one on this day.  However, concrete ledges, when one scrapes one's both legs on them, hurt like a b*tch.

Adding insult to injury, no Mendocino passerby offered to help me or ask if I was okay. I dusted off my now-dust-covered jeans and wiped my bloody, scraped palms together. Embarrassed, and used to falling in such a manner, I grinned. But I died a little bit inside.

I called my mother soon thereafter to recount the story, and her reaction? "That nevah woulda happened in New YAWK. People think we're all rude, but I'll tell ya - New Yawkas woulda stopped and helped ya."


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Restaurant Review - Aramburu

L and I went to two of the best meals we've ever had, within 3 days in Buenos Aires during our trip.
Thanks to recommendations from friends, we checked out both Astrid & Gastón and Aramburu.

We ate at Aramburu second but I want to write about it first, because I'm lazy and who knows if I'll ever get around to writing about Astrid & Gastón?

First off, it's on a little street in San Telmo with no sign on the outside, with shutters or blinds concealing most of the windows, and very low lighting. Our cab drove right past it on the way to the place. We then proceeded to back up down the one-way street and find it.

The interior is beautiful. Exposed brick walls, funky, minimalist chandeliers, a different centerpiece on every table. The dining room is quite small, but intimate and there is plenty of room between the tables. There was not an empty table in the restaurant when we were eating, but it was still quiet and peaceful. We were seated next to the open kitchen, which was really neat to see the chefs preparing all the food before it came out.

I should back up and say that the deal is there's a 10-11 course tasting menu available and nothing else. They ask about any food allergies upon reservation, and the style of food is molecular gastronomy wolrd cuisine. There's a great wine list with not just wines from Argentina, but Europe as well. We chose a red blend from Spain after glasses of champagne to start.

The food was incredible. The first course was a deconstructed soup and salad. Tomato soup. It's impossible to describe, but it was great. Then there were fish courses, shrimp, rabbit, poached eggs, filet mignon, and two dessert courses. To see the menu, you can visit their website at : http://www.arambururesto.com.ar/

The service was amazing, very attentive but unobtrusive.


The man with the bird.

Last week, we were driving home from work in my coworker's car and a fat man on a bicycle rode by. He was bald, and looked pretty mean. He completely enveloped the bicycle on which he sat. Then, as he passed, we kept looking, and there was a small black bird with a bright orange beak, just perched on his back. Riding along as his pet.

Fat man with a little bird.

I wish my iPhone wasn't dead so I could have taken a photo.

This is garbage.

I removed this post, because it was mean. Also, because I apparently misunderstood the man. He was selling garbage bags. Still annoying, and shouldn't have been ringing my doorbell trying to sell me plastic bags to throw my garbage away in, but still. Not as ridiculous as before.

However, the garbage men here DO ask for tips. So, I wasn't completely out of line, either.