Saturday, October 1, 2011

Restaurant Review - Aramburu

L and I went to two of the best meals we've ever had, within 3 days in Buenos Aires during our trip.
Thanks to recommendations from friends, we checked out both Astrid & Gastón and Aramburu.

We ate at Aramburu second but I want to write about it first, because I'm lazy and who knows if I'll ever get around to writing about Astrid & Gastón?

First off, it's on a little street in San Telmo with no sign on the outside, with shutters or blinds concealing most of the windows, and very low lighting. Our cab drove right past it on the way to the place. We then proceeded to back up down the one-way street and find it.

The interior is beautiful. Exposed brick walls, funky, minimalist chandeliers, a different centerpiece on every table. The dining room is quite small, but intimate and there is plenty of room between the tables. There was not an empty table in the restaurant when we were eating, but it was still quiet and peaceful. We were seated next to the open kitchen, which was really neat to see the chefs preparing all the food before it came out.

I should back up and say that the deal is there's a 10-11 course tasting menu available and nothing else. They ask about any food allergies upon reservation, and the style of food is molecular gastronomy wolrd cuisine. There's a great wine list with not just wines from Argentina, but Europe as well. We chose a red blend from Spain after glasses of champagne to start.

The food was incredible. The first course was a deconstructed soup and salad. Tomato soup. It's impossible to describe, but it was great. Then there were fish courses, shrimp, rabbit, poached eggs, filet mignon, and two dessert courses. To see the menu, you can visit their website at :

The service was amazing, very attentive but unobtrusive.


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