Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thanksgiving with the gringos

Summer is just around the corner and in many ways, it feels like it's already here. It's about 90* outside lately, and even though it's a "dry heat" , it's still hot. Not really feeling like the holiday season. But it is. And it's weird.

Thanksgiving was just a few weeks ago, and to answer your questions: Yes! We had a Thanksgiving! With turkey. In fact, we had 2 Thanksgivings: 1 on Thursday and the other on Sunday afternoon. Here, we had a long weekend as well, but it was because Monday was a national holiday; not Thursday or Friday.

I consumed parts of 6 different turkeys cooked at least 4 different ways. It was glorious. Of course, when you're in Argentina, you're bound to drink a ton of wine. One of my personal favorites is the Azul Reserva blend, which is also the favorite of one of our hosts. We also brought with us to the first gringo feast a bottle of Melipal Rose, which, according to one of my friends who is also a wine expert, is one of Argentina's finest roses.  I would like to put the accent on the "e"  right here, but I'm not using my regular laptop, so forgive me. We didn't get to open the bottle (everyone brings wine everywhere here, so we had enough) - but I am hoping to find an occasion for it soon.

Dinners were great and it really has begun to feel like "home"  here, even though it may not really be our home after May. The friends that we've made here are fantastic, and there's a real sense of community among the expats, anyway. If I couldn't be home with my family, I still enjoyed my new "family" here in Mendoza.

Last Monday (the holiday), we went to Anna Bistro (which I've written about before) and drank a few bottles of Lurton's Pinot Gris... a refreshing, light white, while having lunch with friends of ours on their outdoor patio. It was really nice.

If it's not going to feel like the holiday season, I might as well enjoy the fact that they're during the Spring and Summer here, right?

Bring on the whites and roses!

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