Sunday, March 8, 2015

Happy Women's Day!/Feliz Día de la Mujer!

Today's International Women's Day, and I have to say, women celebrate it with much more gusto in Argentina than they do in the USA. Feliz día de la mujer, a mis hermanas argentinas!

It's always been interesting to me that, although Argentine society is afflicted with extreme "machista" (chauvinism, machismo), Argentine women really come together to celebrate a few different holidays and raise each other up.  Maybe it's because they're subject to such blatant sexism, that they celebrate it so fervently. Whatever the reason, it's a really great day to honor the ladies in your life and celebrate their accomplishments.  Día de la Mujer is one of them, and another is Día del Amigo (Friend's Day), which is July 20 every year, the anniversary of the first moon landing.

Friend's Day is also a fascinating tradition to me, as a gringa. Really, it's about celebrating your friendships and treating your friends especially well on that day. It's basically a Valentine's Day for your platonic pals.

Unless you don't have a heart, Friend's Day is a really great, feel-good day that will leave you with a smile on your face and a warmth in your heart. Unlike Valentine's Day, when a lack of Valentine can cause depression, sadness, anger and hurt for so many.

Take a minute today to let your lady-friends know today that they rock. Not only because they do, but because they need to hear it every so often! Feliz día de la mujer!!!

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